Easy Fall Wreath Watercolor Tutorial

Posted by Angela Lendzioszek on

If you're just starting out with watercolor, or if you're looking for something quick to do this fall- this tutorial is perfect for you! You'll need a couple of round watercolor brushes- I used a size 6 and a size 2. You'll also need some "pan" watercolors or a handful of watercolors with many options for oranges, yellows, reds and browns. These aren't my normal watercolors but they get the job done for this wreath and they're easy (no mixing necessary!).


Step 1: Draw a light circle. You want it to be lightly drawn because it should be hidden when you're done.

watercolor wreath step 1 angelalendz


Step 2: Draw simple fall leaves, acorns and pine cones. Draw lightly again (my example is darker just so you can see it in the photo). They should all appear to be "growing" in the same direction. Some will be on the inside of your lightly drawn circle, and some on the outside. Look up various types of leaves- I used maple, oak, and pecan leaves in my example, but there are so many to choose from! Acorns will have a darker "cap" and a lighter brown seed. The pine cones are simply an egg-shaped group of sideways brown dashes or dots (done with paint).

 fall wreath drawing


Step 4: Start painting leaves! Small rounded leaves, pointy, tufted leaves. Mix up your colors- you can even use a yellow-orange or a burgundy. Leaves will look better if you have more than one color in each.


Step 5: Layering. This one is technically 2 steps, basically enhancing with layers:

a. paint on half of the leaves with a darker color (or the same color again).

b. paint veins in your existing leaves to give them more detail.

 fall leaf painting


Step 6: Add the lettering. Write the word "fall" in a nice script with wider parts on the places where your pencil goes down (to create an illusion of calligraphic script). Fill in the letters with a very small round brush, in the color of your choice.

 fall wreath watercolor