Hand Lettering Tips!

Posted by Angela Lendzioszek on

These are a few tips I've learned as I've been improving my hand lettering skills.I hope you'll use these in your practice!

1. Make wider lines on the downstrokes. Even if you are not using a brush to do your lettering, this technique will give the effect of brush lettering.

lettering script modern calligraphy tips angelalendz

2. Use outlines and fill in later. When you're starting out, this can be a life saver! Writing your words with a pencil can give you flexibility (and second chances).

lettering tips outline angelalendz

3. No need for fancy brush pens - yet. Start out with a Sharpie- or even Crayola Markers. No one wants to learn how to drive in a Maserati.

lettering tips script modern calligraphy how to angelalendz

4. Pair up a swingy, bouncy script with some strong capital letters. The contrast between the two can create a more interesting composition.you got this hand lettering angelalendz

5. Change up letters with a quirky twist! Move a midline (like on a capital E, for instance) to the top or bottom. When using script, move the baseline of your letters up and down. Add shadows to one side of your letters. There are so many ways to make your lettering more interesting.

 I have a hand lettering class coming up next Tuesday, September 3rd at the Waterside Community Room! You can buy tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hand-lettering-class-tickets-68726549961

Let me know what some of your favorite tips are!