Custom Pet Cat Watercolor Painting

angela lendzioszek

Regular price $50.00

Custom watercolor painting of a cat based on your photograph. A meaningful and thoughtful gift for a friend who's a pet lover or someone who has lost a pet.

HOW IT WORKS: You can send me a digital photograph (and hopefully a couple of extras) by attaching in a message, and I will create a custom hand painted original watercolor painting for you. I'll use a range of colors like the example photos, but if you have favorite colors I can incorporate more of those if you make a note when you place the order. Also, be aware of the size options when you place your order.

When selecting a photo for me to reference, try to find one that shows your pet's personality! Additional photos from a distance or different angles can be helpful to me in the design process. The better quality the photo, the better the painting will look.

Thank you!